Ken Valentino's - Music Without Rules

    Music Without Rules

          ( A music Theory Based On Tendencies)

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  • By Bob Korin
    Nov 12, 2012
    Ken has developed some very interesting and useful insights that allow the musician to break from limitations often found in standard music theory. This is not a music book for the timid as this will provide many hours of investigation both of the techniques suggested by Ken as well as paths created by the reader. In this book he explains techniques to finding a way out of what seemed to be a dead end and strategies that will improve anybody's improvisational capabilities. He is an amazing musician (guitar, piano, cello, mandolin, banjo, upright and electric bass, porchboard bass, drums, and always something new), especially when given the chance to run off into uncharted improvisation. He is never done investigating and questioning what he has been taught and learned - truly lifelong learning. Ken also has a great way of explaining his strategies which reach the artist and technical people like me (an engineer).

                   Ken Valentino

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Ken Valentino has crafted a different music theory, perhaps even a universal theory of music. Built on how tendencies combine it uses a new language but with common words to organize how we hear. The result is a way to know what our ear really references from among many other benefits.